We do Floral Design a Little Differently.

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"Chas is full of inspiration, creativity, positivity, and professionalism. She'll accept any challenge with a smile on her face. I absolutely loved working with her and you will too!"

"We’re so thrilled you were able to create such a beautiful floral concept for our event - they were truly exquisite and definitely my favorite part! Also, a big thank you for making the process so easy and being so positive."

— lauren, NEWLYWED

We're proud to say our business is not all about the Benjamins. At Wildflower Portland there are no minimums, delivery fees or other hidden expenses. Transparency is the name of the game and payments are always fully transferable- should your plans change. A la carte? No problem. Uncertainty? We get it. Beautiful flowers when you're ready? Always. 

Our Offerings


Congratulations! I want to hear all about your vision for the big day. 



Bouquets, boutonnieres and crowns, oh my! 


For flowers that are an accurate reflection of your brand & the experience you wish to create for your clients. 



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“We couldn't believe how easy Joseph made it to get great images.”

jeff & brigette